Flux descends

Coming back into the blogosphere after a long absence is being met with an honest reluctance, I must admit. However, it feels necessary to clarify a few things on where Woody’s Studio is going.

Efforts in researching and being involved where interweaving art and human health issues (endometriosis, for example) is no longer a focus. Abandoned, actually. Disappointing, yes, but move on. The circumstances that surround and confront us now highlights a need to engage in more fun and engaged personal creativity. That’s how I feel anyway. Selfish. Total. And I don’t need to apologise for that.

I just want to have some fun in my practice and output.

What does that mean for doing a Masters in Visual Arts? I don’t know. That will take time to figure out. For now, perhaps, for another 12–18 months, my Woody’s Studio is, indeed, in a period of flux, including myself. I do know that I will soon (hopefully!) complete a Graduate Certificate in Visual Arts at Griffith University, in Brisbane.

For the foreseeable future, keep an eye on Woody’s Studio’s bookFace (think about it!) and Instagram, for what conjures up intuitively…

Martin “Woody” Robinson

being a part of the small things

Heading down, or up and around South Bank in Brisbane this fortnight? Visit Griffith University’s Queensland College of Art and check out the Grey Street Gallery! 😀

… and that’s my drawings below, yasss. However, not part of the exhibition. Another work is … guess you’ll need to go and find out!

All The Small Things

Exhibition Statement

In times of uncertainty, such as our experiences over the last eighteen months, it’s not uncommon to stop and reflect. All the small things has provided an opportunity for us to contemplate and share our experiences of those small things that are of significance to us. Twenty-three post-graduate art students planned this exhibition and have created works-in-progress for public review, feedback, and comment. You are invited to visit the gallery space to view the works, to reflect on what small things mean to you and to engage with the art students to assist them in finalising their works.

Grey Street Gallery, Queensland College of Art, Southbank 14 to 25 September, 2021.

Martin “Woody” Robinson

The Push-Up Challenge and Prolonged Misfortunes

Tied up. Pretty much tied up and a lovely impressive chunck of misfortune has occupied my time these last couple of months or so. MacBook Pro of 11 years totally died. Back up laptop also died. My car died. My final uni assessment for the trimester may also die! All this while, I managed to do some temporary full time work of questionable quality.

Whilst trying to find a new Mac, car, job and uni study, Woody’s Studio has taken up The Push-Up Challenge 2021. Starting in June, this is a great cause in raising funds for organisations who handle mental health and suicide prevention. Headspace, Lifeline Australia and The Push For Better Foundation are the main beneficiaries. To donate, or wanting to know more, feel free to tap on that link below! I have to complete 3,318 push-ups over 25 days during that first month of winter!


And creatively? That more important thing? My study with Griffith University (Queensland College of Art) in Brisbane has seen me develop a project of how to metaphorically visualise the hidden medical condition of endometriosis. Needless to say, watch this space for developments. The UK Doctor Who magazine TARDIS has kindly used my services for a series of illustrations relating to the seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy. These will be posted in my portfolio shortly. Editors were impressed and may need my services again in the future. The magazine’s link is also found below. Another silly Schlock is a-comin’ too. Woop-woop! I’m tired …


Martin “Woody” Robinson

Making the best of it in the World of Bewilderment

… and what’s happening?

After many, many, many considerations, with thanks to all current events around the place, the decision to complete a Masters at the University of South Australia is over.

Griffith University’s Queensland College of Art (QCA) has now taken me!

If an achievement of an adequate grading Graduate Certificate in Visual Arts is completed at the end of this year, I hope to enter QCA’s Master of Arts programme.

However, every effort in securing some form of permanent employment remains a key objective, along with various quirky Woody’s Studio projects to coincide. My health conundrums faithfully remain to remind me of my certain limitations though. An added bonus to that is a nicely unreliable car!

The rough-around-the-edges Schlock comic strip will pop-up every now and then, and you may find me participating in various exhibitions around south-east Queensland throughout 2021.

The pandemic is likely to still give curve balls, so nothing is ever concrete in the planning. Impossible.

But nothing is impossible until it is done, right?

Martin “Woody” Robinson

‘Run for Autism’ an outstanding success

The last three kilometres to complete the 21km half-marathon fundraising challenge was finally done yesterday. The weather was balmy and oh-so beautiful as seen below. Woop-woop!!!

Donations in total reached $427! Exceeding the goal of $50 many times over! Incredible thanks again to all donors. This money will and DOES go to programs and supports for those with the autism spectrum condition across Australia – both children and adults!

For more information, please click Run for Autism

For more about Autism Spectrum Australia, please click ASPECT

Martin “Woody” Robinson

Woody’s Studio gets running!

Woody’s Studio is more than happy to take on this challenge of running 21km over the period 1–8 November, 2020. ‘Run for autism’ is a great incentive from Autism Spectrum Australia to get healthy, fit and contribute to people of all ages on the autism spectrum.

Donations will assist in tailored educational supports to fulfilling work lives and improved social environments. Please consider in making a donation today! Links are found below.

Thank you and enjoy today’s little moments of sunshine.

Woody’s Studio ‘Run for autism’ Fundraising Page

Run for autism

Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT)

Martin “Woody” Robinson

Landing in Scotland

How exciting! The Rising Caduceus Phoenix tattoo design arrives to the client in Scotland! After more than a month to get there … via express! Another previous design for this client, incorporating a phoenix and a Celtic cross, was included as a surprise gift. This was given to lift the client’s spirits during Covid-19 recovery. This was very well received with the two works framed and now hanging in the client’s Scottish cottage. Aye!

As for other Woody’s Studio developments, things have been a tad “Corona” flat and frustratingly tedious and forlorn. But perseverance remains. The Woody’s Studio website is now fully completed in its very humble layout, barring adjustment of that darn favicon. Other online locations, Facebook and Instagram, will also be given a bit of a ‘facelift boost’. The new branding seen on the website will also be incorporated on business cards and some t-shirts. Keep an eye out for a model walk in the next month or so!

Other work: a soft pastel portrait, Assiduity, will soon resume and be completed, along with a potential entry into the New England Writers’ Centre 2020 Illustration Prize. Of course, a new Schlock comic strip is always around the next corner!

Thanks for stopping-by, if you have reached this point. Remember to not touch things. Laters!

Martin “Woody” Robinson

The Rising Caduceus Phoenix

With great rapture this tattoo design was created for an increasingly resilient nurse, who has been confronted with many challenges. Now on its way to Scotland to provide the continuing impetus of rising above these challenges. Godspeed … seriously, I bloody pray that it does get there, given the current circumstances with mail and deliveries!

Martin “Woody” Robinson

New Schlock: Bear Hunts and Fingers

Across some parts of the globe, bear hunts have been an attraction to occupy exercising children under Covid-19 lockdowns. Placing teddy bears in windows or in trees and gardens at front of houses and apartments. Discreetly or not so discreetly! But what of the teddy bears? Can they have a say in all this? Penelope, Barbrady and Rombo think so! All new Schlock comic strip out and about …

Martin “Woody” Robinson