Making the best of it in the World of Bewilderment

… and what’s happening?

After many, many, many considerations, with thanks to all current events around the place, the decision to complete a Masters at the University of South Australia is over.

Griffith University’s Queensland College of Art (QCA) has now taken me!

If an achievement of an adequate grading Graduate Certificate in Visual Arts is completed at the end of this year, I hope to enter QCA’s Master of Arts programme.

However, every effort in securing some form of permanent employment remains a key objective, along with various quirky Woody’s Studio projects to coincide. My health conundrums faithfully remain to remind me of my certain limitations though. An added bonus to that is a nicely unreliable car!

The rough-around-the-edges Schlock comic strip will pop-up every now and then, and you may find me participating in various exhibitions around south-east Queensland throughout 2021.

The pandemic is likely to still give curve balls, so nothing is ever concrete in the planning. Impossible.

But nothing is impossible until it is done, right?

Martin “Woody” Robinson

New Schlock: Bear Hunts and Fingers

Across some parts of the globe, bear hunts have been an attraction to occupy exercising children under Covid-19 lockdowns. Placing teddy bears in windows or in trees and gardens at front of houses and apartments. Discreetly or not so discreetly! But what of the teddy bears? Can they have a say in all this? Penelope, Barbrady and Rombo think so! All new Schlock comic strip out and about …

Martin “Woody” Robinson