Woody’s Studio gets running!

Woody’s Studio is more than happy to take on this challenge of running 21km over the period 1–8 November, 2020. ‘Run for autism’ is a great incentive from Autism Spectrum Australia to get healthy, fit and contribute to people of all ages on the autism spectrum.

Donations will assist in tailored educational supports to fulfilling work lives and improved social environments. Please consider in making a donation today! Links are found below.

Thank you and enjoy today’s little moments of sunshine.

Woody’s Studio ‘Run for autism’ Fundraising Page

Run for autism

Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT)

Martin “Woody” Robinson

Landing in Scotland

How exciting! The Rising Caduceus Phoenix tattoo design arrives to the client in Scotland! After more than a month to get there … via express! Another previous design for this client, incorporating a phoenix and a Celtic cross, was included as a surprise gift. This was given to lift the client’s spirits during Covid-19 recovery. This was very well received with the two works framed and now hanging in the client’s Scottish cottage. Aye!

As for other Woody’s Studio developments, things have been a tad “Corona” flat and frustratingly tedious and forlorn. But perseverance remains. The Woody’s Studio website is now fully completed in its very humble layout, barring adjustment of that darn favicon. Other online locations, Facebook and Instagram, will also be given a bit of a ‘facelift boost’. The new branding seen on the website will also be incorporated on business cards and some t-shirts. Keep an eye out for a model walk in the next month or so!

Other work: a soft pastel portrait, Assiduity, will soon resume and be completed, along with a potential entry into the New England Writers’ Centre 2020 Illustration Prize. Of course, a new Schlock comic strip is always around the next corner!

Thanks for stopping-by, if you have reached this point. Remember to not touch things. Laters!

Martin “Woody” Robinson

Destiny now plays …

The future? I don’t know. But I am pleased to announce officially that I have been offered a place in Master of Design (Contemporary Art) with the University of South Australia, in Adelaide. A very practical programme of postgraduate study, I have the chance to learn more on commercially viable art practices, whilst exploring an artistic idea, and continue and advance my interest and skills in arts administration.

My artistic idea – statement of intent to be more academically correct, is “seeing the unseen”. Establishing how to use visual art to communicate hidden health conditions, particularly afflicting the brain and nervous systems. I do speak of anxiety, depression and, even, from current personal experiences with vestibular dysfunction. If you still don’t know what “vestibular” is, it is not that difficult to look it up!

Coincidentally, my intent coincides with the university’s Match Studio initiative, with one of their ongoing projects being Visualising Mental Health – bringing psychologists from the community to work collaboratively with postgraduate students to develop ways of communicating mental health to the broader Australian public. This is an exciting development to come from after my application and will assist my idea of “seeing the unseen” during the course of this Masters.

Given the obvious state of affairs around at present, unfortunately, I will have to defer my offer until the new year. Logistically, it is a total nightmare at present! Uber uncertainties! With little on offer to start online. So, in the meantime, if anyone knows good reasonable folk in Adelaide, who could house a quirky 40 year-old arty farty from the end of this year, or beginning of next, please let me know. I have tremendous references and can cook! As for the remaining time here in Queensland, destiny can play with that now, as my proactive efforts in the last four years for permanent roots are exhausted. So, time to have some fun …

Martin “Woody” Robinson