The Rising Caduceus Phoenix

With great rapture this tattoo design was created for an increasingly resilient nurse, who has been confronted with many challenges. Now on its way to Scotland to provide the continuing impetus of rising above these challenges. Godspeed … seriously, I bloody pray that it does get there, given the current circumstances with mail and deliveries!

Martin “Woody” Robinson

Exploring Autism With You

With great buzz, I’m honoured to be asked to be involved this weekend in Julia Calabrese’s Exploring Autism With You project.

Julia is a Special Education Teacher, based in South Australia, who specialises in the Autism Spectrum condition of children and adults, amongst other supportive fields of expertise. She was awarded one of South Australia’s Early Career Teacher Awards last year.

To find out more about Julia’s project, use @exploringautism on Instagram, where you will find my participation from this weekend. Alternatively, please click HERE for the link.

Thanks again, Julia, and all the best for the continuing success of your project.

Martin “Woody” Robinson