Frank’s message to the Clydesdale

Apologies now, as this will be a very long blog update. But, if you’re interested, please read on …

One good thing about having continual health problems, which has been going on over three months now and will continue on for the foreseeable future for me, is the chance to reflect on why this is the case; investigate and learn some lessons, rather! Some key considerations in my case were

Can I multi-task? No.

Have I tried, tried and tried again? Yes.

Can I deliver quality fast-paced quantities of work for the modern client? No.

Have I tried, tried and tried again? Yes.

Can I sustain and handle continual conflict? No.

Have I tried, tried and tried again? Yes.

Am I a competitor with fantastic business savvy? No.

Have I tried, tried and tried again? Yes.

Am I a great sales person? Absolutely not.

Have I tried, tried and tried again? With what there was, yes.

Do these answers provide the key ingredients for a successful modern enterprise in the economic markets we have? Absolutely not.

So, I honestly declare defeat in trying to keep up.

And I’m not going to try any longer.

Despite my health now being the number one priority for the next 6 – 12 months, Woody’s Studio will continue to develop, showcase and participate work, as it gets done under the circumstances I am in. However, this will now be on a different ‘business’ model, one which is based on keeping my own personal identity to all (like the red cap!) and focusing more on self-initiatives, rather than seeking and taking on clients and compete against other businesses.

A genuine, well-organised and financed client who really wants and appreciates the way I go about things – sure, I shall consider taking on the brief. But these seem to be rare beasts.

The clients that I have acquired in the last couple of months, I shall endeavour to see delivery of what has been discussed.

To be brutally honest, I have more success in my own self-initiatives of illustration, design and visual arts, than collaborations and providing services in the two years I have been freelancing. And this has been far more profitable.

My slow, slow, slow pace, one project at a time, one task at a time is the way I do things. I value quality and will take the time to do that – quantity done quickly is just not high on my values list. Not for this clydesdale artist anyways.

My poor health over the last 12 months is a result of many factors, one of which was a lesson I was taught over six years ago with an emphatic thump! Obviously, I didn’t learn that lesson! Going against who I am does not work for me and I have fallen into bad habits once again which needs to be rectified. Competing and matching speed in the modern commercial business world is one of those bad habits. I don’t fit in there, I never did, so forcing this different piece into this other puzzle isn’t very clever.

Success for me as an artist, illustrator, cartoonist or designer will come when it wants to. Organically. If it doesn’t happen, well, it just didn’t happen. Not actually the end of the world.

Thanks for singin’ your song to me, Frank.


– Martin “Woody” Robinson –